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The Spanish


Spaniards are lively and sociable, outgoing and energetic.

We can say for certain the egg came before the chicken, but it’s not that simple to know if native wines shaped the character of Spaniards or, vice versa, the essence of Spain has been imprinted into the wines with Controlled Designation of Origin (CDO) and it is what makes them so special.



One thing is for sure – when you open a bottle of Spanish wine, the harmony of aromas and flavors that embrace you is more than the result of climate and soil; it is the very passion of winemakers and the soul of sun, music and fiesta loving people.


From North to South and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic coast, every region of Spain gifted us with a wide variety of unique wines. For drinking and for experiencing.


Spanish wines are both a delicious staple to any meal and a string of stories about people and places, captured in bottles to be shared with the rest of the world.

Perfume Brought

by the Wind

The wines from the North-East of Spain, especially from the region of Catalunya, are shaped by the stories brought from afar by the winds blowing into the region. For example, the Emporda CDO wine comes from the region with the same name, situated on the Costa Brava, a gorgeous landscape caressed by the Tramontana wind blowing from the North, coming down over the Pyrenes mountains.


The mild Mediterranean winds gave us white wines with citrusy notes, delicate rose wines, but also full-bodied red wines, rich in character.


If you crave for something fresh and soft, look for the influence of the winds in the Terra Alta region, in wines made with native varieties such as Garnacha.

Red like


If what you want are full-bodied red wines rich in character, you cannot go wrong with the CDO wines from the Ribera de Duero region, famous for their expressivity and tannins; or you could try wines from the much-appreciated region of Rioja, such as those crafted with the Tempranillo grape variety, wines famous for their acidity and perfect balance, ideal for aging; or have a taste of our delicious wines from the Toro region, made from the Tinta de Toro grape variety.

The Spanish


In this region famous for paella, fireworks and The Fallas festivity, the wines are no less impressive. The white wines, such as CDO Valencia, are joyful, fruity, easy to drink and easy to start a party around.


For those who are even more conscious about their favorite drink, the Utiel-Requena region offers excellent organic CDO wines, catering to a trend that is gaining more and more followers every year.



Rueda region is the paradise of white wines and it is well known for its fresh and aromatic varietals, out of which Verdejo is the most popular with younger wine lovers and with those who prefer modern labels.


Another variety that found a welcoming home under the Spanish sun is Sauvignon Blanc, appreciated for its delicate and smooth notes.


The CDO wines made from the Albariño variety, on the Atlantic coast in the Rias Biaxas region of the Galicia province, are famous for their well-balanced character and for being a perfect match to fish and sea food.


Going back to the exuberant CDO region of Cariñena, here you can also find the best Chardonnay in the whole of Spain.



Are you looking for a special gift? Choose Pago wines. These have a unique identity and exceptional quality due to the careful and meticulous production process, the specific climate and the soil that nurtures the grapes.

Taste Spain in

Every Glass

There are many reasons to choose a Spanish wine from our selection. A wide variety of labels, exquisite tastes and exceptional quality are just the first reasons a wine lover would mention. Beyond these are the subtle nuances that set us even more apart. Our wines encapsulate the true essence of Spain and bring to you the authentic experience, so you don’t need to travel in search of it.