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Winery Hermanos Hernaiz

Hermanos Hernáiz

Baños de Rioja
Finca la Emperatriz is a historic vineyard in Baños de Rioja that belonged to the last Empress of France...
MV 2016 Winery

Dehesa del Carrizal

Dehesa del Carrizal is a Vino de Pago, the highest wine category according to Spanish wine law. It is a DOP (Denominación de Origen Protegida – Protected Designation of Origin) reserved for those few wineries and vineyards which carry out the whole process –from the grape to the bottle– within the limits of the Pago or estate. The unique location, soil and climate are the key to obtaining exceptional wines...
Pradorey Bodega

Bodegas Pradorey

Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Pradorey was built in harmony with its natural surroundings. It is embedded in a hillside, partially underground, following the centuries-old tradition of the surrounding towns, to maintain constant conditions of temperature and humidity for ageing wines...
De Haan Winery

De Haan Altés

Terra Alta
DE HAAN ALTÉS is a family project that unites wine knowledge and enthusiasm for Spanish wines

Legado de Orniz

LEGADO DE ORNIZ produces with great passion and devotion high-quality red wines thanks to their aged vines, which are full of life and make it possible to squeeze the maximum potential out of the Tinta de Toro grape...
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Pago de Aylés

Finca Aylés
Pago, From the Latin PAGUS. Designation of Origin that certifies quality and know-how raisingits holder to the summit of vitiviniculture excellence.
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Bodegas Viriatus

Bodegas Viriatus is a family winery from Zamora, Spain, which produces wines D.O. Toro...
Josep Masachs

Josep Masachs

Josep Masachs´ mission is to elaborate wines and cavas with a unique character, full of nuances and easily enjoyable...
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Bodegas Díez Gómez

The vineyards, soul of our wines, have been planted in free-standing, on their own roots, for more than 100 years...
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Ribera del Duero
Loess is a high-end brand of wines of the Ribera del Duero and Rueda designations of origin...
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Maria Rigol Ordi

DO Cava
Maria Rigol Ordi cavas are an expression of our wish to preserve family heritage and the will to produce quality sparkling wine
Roig Parals Winery

Roig Parals

Roig Parals strive to make exceptional and distinguished wines that represent their true origins...
Dealberto DSC8677

Bodegas Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez

Bodegas De Alberto is one of the most striking examples of preservation of traditional wine production legacy...
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Bodegas Isla

La Mancha
The combination of tradition acquired knowledge and care for the land and its fruits, make Bodegas Isla one of the most firmly established wineries in Spain...
Vineyard Usa

El Lagar de Moha

Lagar de Moha produces high-quality and ecological wines, where they focus on quality rather than in quantity...
Bodega Monte La Reina Sangria

Bodegas Monte la Reina

Monte La Reina has some of the oldest vineyards in Spain, with more than 100 years old...
Pinna Fidelis

Bodega Pinna Fidelis

Ribera del Duero
The Bodegas PINNA FIDELIS winery is so-called as a tribute to the town where it was founded in 2001 – Peñafiel – the fruit of a passion...
Urbezo Winery

Bodegas Solar de Urbezo

The culture of wine growing in Cariñena is one of the most ancient in Spain; it goes back to the III century when the Romans inhabited this land. The cultivation of grapes was maintained throughout time and still constitutes an essential part in the way of life, economy and historical heritage of the area...
Winery 2110737 1920

Bodegas Vitulia

Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Vitulia and their XI Century underground wineries are situated in Aranda De Duero (Castille and León, Spain), land of historic wines, which lies in the heart of the DO Ribera Del Duero. They are a large traditional family winery, where their focus lies on using the most modern methods to produce high-quality wine...
Bodegas Casado Morales

Bodegas Casado Morales

Casado Morales was founded in 1925 and is the result of a family’s tradition, hard work and passion for wine-making. For three generations, Casado Morales has been focused on making exceptional wines, which have been highly accepted by the Spanish and international public...

Chan de Rosas Bodegas y Viñedos

Rías Baixas
Chan de Rosas´ philosophy is to work with their own vineyards in a sustainable way, using their winemaker´s know-how and passion in order to harvest the best grapes that in turn will make the best wine...
Winery Oak Barrels

Celler Herms

Terra Alta
HERMS Celler is born from the majestic lands of DO Terra Alta, which are full of history, culture and winemaking tradition. Celler Herms strives to offer wines in their maximum expression of modernity and elegance in today's "world"...
Bodega Sierra Norte 3

Bodegas Sierra Norte

DO Utiel - Requena
It all began in their native village of Camporrobles with an 8,000 square metre plot of land...